WEATHER MAP - Warm and cold front, symbols

Weather maps are a fundamental part of weather forecasting and meteorology. This article is an introduction to the fundamentals of meteorology and their depiction on weather maps.
You will learn how to read a weather map and what the different symbols mean.

Weather map

TEMPERATURE - Forecast for today and tomorrow

What is the temperature now in my location. Check the local temperature forecast for today and tomorrow. On the map you will see how many degrees it will be in the next few hours.

Find a town on the map and read what the current temperature is. Will it be warm, nice weather today and when will the cooler air reach at my location. The unit of measurement is given in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.


The meteo data comes mainly from the most accurate and verifiable forecast based on the ECMWF organisation and the Windy interactive map.

WIND FORCE SCALE - Beaufort scale chart

Beaufort scale of wind strength presented in a chart with a description of each category. The graphic in the table shows the effect of wind force on the surroundings.


What is precipitation?

Precipitation, in the context of weather, is the result of condensing water vapour falling from the clouds due to gravity. Drops of water or snowflakes inside clouds, which are made up of microscopic water or snow particles, descend to the ground when they get heavy enough. Precipitation takes varied shapes depending on the temperature in the clouds, and it can also take diverse forms depending on the temperatures it meets on its way down.

HURRICANE RADAR - Typhoon tracker live

On the hurricane and typhoon radar you can check whether a storm may occur near my location. You can track on the weather map the strength and direction of the hurricane in the following hours and days.

Smog definition and meaning

Smog is an atmospheric phenomenon in which exhaust fumes, smoke and fog mix at the same time. Smog is caused by air pollution, for which man and his business are responsible, including the wrong way of heating buildings, the use of cars and motorcycles, and large-scale industry in many cities around the world.

What is smog?