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Search for a ship on a live radar map.
Ship radar is a map showing the movement of ships in the seas and oceans. Ship tracking and current position on the water. Location at sea and identification of AIS

Details of over 600,000 marine units (ships, ports, lighthouses)

Check the movement of ships in the largest ports of the world, where ships sail every few minutes.

AIS ship tracking - Ship Radar

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated tracking system that is widely used at sea. The system collects static and dynamic information from ships. Enables electronic data exchange between AIS stations.

You are on holiday and take a boat trip - from now you can check the position of your ship on the map. You can also view ship tracking as an interesting activity on the beach. You've probably seen ships passing by and you were curious to know what ship it is and where it goes.

Ship Radar
Ship Radar

On the sea map you can follow passenger ships, transport vessels, tankers, ferries, as well as smaller vessels such as fishing boats, tugs and yachts. The map also includes navigation devices and lighthouses.