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On the hurricane and typhoon radar you can check whether a storm may occur near my location. You can track on the weather map the strength and direction of the hurricane in the following hours and days.
Hurricane Radar Map and Typhoon Tracker

What is hurricane and typhoon?

A hurricane is a form of tropical storm characterised by a closed centre of low atmospheric pressure, intense winds, heavy rainfall and low pressure in the centre. 
For a hurricane to form, specific conditions are needed, such as warm surface ocean water (usually above 26.5 degrees Celsius) and the presence of Coriolis (an effect resulting from the Earth's rotation), which gives a hurricane its characteristic rotational motion.

Tropical cyclones are whirls caused by low atmospheric pressure. Their range is up to 400 miles. The tornado operates within a few miles, and their violence is caused by the suction action of low pressure.

Hurricane categories

Hurricanes have different categories, from 1 to 5, depending on the wind speed. Category 1 indicates the least intensity, while Category 5 hurricanes are the most dangerous, with very strong winds exceeding 252 km/h.

Hurricane categories
Hurricane scale

Hurricanes can bring significant destruction as a result of strong winds, heavy rainfall, sea level rise especially as a result of the so-called storm surge.

The name hurricane is used over the Atlantic Ocean for a very strong tropical storm of cyclonic nature.
The name typhoon is used for strong storms over bodies of water in the Indian Ocean or Pacific Ocean.

Hurricanes and storms are often called by name.

Biggest hurricane names:

Lee - 2023
Fiona, Ian - 2022
Ida - 2021
Laura - 2020
Dorian - 2019
Florence - 2018
Irma, Maria, Harvey, Jose, Ophelia - 2017
Hurricane Katrina - one of the most dangerous hurricanes in USA - 2005

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On the storm radar you can see the shaping whirlwinds and whirlpools.