Air Pollution Online - AIR QUALITY MAP

Check the air pollution in your area. Current air quality worldwide.
You can check on the air pollution map online:

  • CO concentration (ppbv - part per billion by volume )
  • dust mass (µg/m3)
  • SO2 mass (µg/m3)
  • ozone layer (DU - Dobson unit)
See on the map what is the concentration of dust in the air.
The largest air pollution occurs in industrial areas, eg in China and in countries where the houses are heated with coal. Air pollution also arises in large cities where there is a poor air flow resulting in a smog.

Air pollution
Air pollution
The huge amount of exhaust from factories, houses, cars, ships and aircraft also causes the greenhouse effect.

Large air pollution has a negative impact on health. People often use anti-fog masks to at least protect themselves from harmful dusts.