RAIN RADAR - Will it rain today 🌧️

Rain radar

The rain radar is an interactive map showing the current rainfall forecast. Find out where the rain is and if will it rain today and tomorrow. You can check the current cloudiness of the sky anywhere in the world live on the rain radar map.

Move the precipitation map to any location and read from the meteogram how many inches or millimetres of water will fall on the ground. 
Also see on the global map where it is snowing and the thickness of the snow cover.

Rain radar

Rain is atmospheric precipitation in the form of water droplets that fall from clouds to the earth's surface. Water droplets are formed by the condensation of water vapour contained in the air. Under the influence of their weight, they overcome resistance and air currents to fall to the ground.

Rain can fall at different intensities. It can be mild or moderate rainfall or more intense and violent rainfall characterised by heavy rainfall in a short period of time. Torrential rain is already extremely intense rain, a cloudburst that can lead to flooding.

Rainy weather is often accompanied by strong winds, completely cloudy skies and, in summer, thunderstorms with lightning.

Will it rain today

As much rain can fall from storm clouds and during a storm as falls in even a month.

Check the radar map above for the intensity with which rainfall is likely to occur in the following hours and days.

Rain types - Rain can fall in various forms:

  • Ordinary rain,
  • Drizzle is precipitation with a droplet diameter of less than 0.5mm. A phenomenon often seen in England where light drops carried by the wind create a damp aura known as "English weather".
  • Rain with snow, a combination of rain and snowflakes. It occurs when temperatures vary at different atmospheric altitudes, causing snow to partially melt and turn into raindrops.
  • Freezing rain when the temperature of the earth's surface is below the freezing point.

What kind of rain falls at a given time and place is mainly influenced by weather factors such as temperature and humidity.