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Weather radar

Check the current weather in my location today. Forecast anywhere in the world. Search for a place on the weather radar.

Check what the weather and temperature in your city will be like.

You can search weather data on the weather map:

  • temperature
  • feels like temperature
  • cloud cover
  • rain radar
  • precipitation forecast
  • dew point
  • wind speed
  • pressure
  • a visually interesting weather map

Weather radar
Doppler radar

How weather radar works

Weather radar uses the Doppler radar principle to observe atmospheric conditions by sending and receiving radio waves. The waves are reflected by precipitation, such as rain, snow or fog. By analyzing the change in frequency caused by the Doppler effect, the radar can determine the speed and direction of the precipitation. Additionally, the intensity of the precipitation can be gauged based on the amount of reflected waves. 

This enables meteorologists to track cloud development, predict precipitation and assess its potential intensity. The information provided by weather radar is crucial for weather forecasting, as it aids in predicting the weather, warning of extreme conditions and planning for weather emergencies. Therefore, weather radar is an essential tool in monitoring weather phenomena and forecasting weather conditions.

By connecting the sun, water and wind, the weather is created. We are happy to discuss and talk about the weather. We always look out and wait for good weather that puts us in a good mood.

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