Smog definition and meaning

Smog is an atmospheric phenomenon in which exhaust fumes, smoke and fog mix at the same time. Smog is caused by air pollution, for which man and his business are responsible, including the wrong way of heating buildings, the use of cars and motorcycles, and large-scale industry in many cities around the world.

What is smog?

Most often, smog occurs during fog or no wind, thus hazardous substances stay in the atmosphere and directly threaten people's life and health. 

View the current map of air pollution in the world.

The sources of smog are:

1. The use of obsolete coal and wood stoves when heating houses where poor quality fuels are burned, emit harmful substances into the atmosphere during combustion. In some farms it happens that garbage and waste from plastics, varnished wood or furniture boards are burned. 

The best way to reduce or even completely abandon the emission of these poisonous substances is to modernize our apartment building and replace the boiler. In this way, we have a real impact on the improvement of air quality in our environment, thanks to the effective management of thermal energy, we have an impact on saving our expenses. In addition, we protect our health and that of our loved ones, and thus we care for the natural environment for us and our future descendants. By deciding to change the heating source of our home, we breathe much more freely, avoid various ailments related to polluted air, and most importantly, there will no longer be a smog cloud in the air in our environment. 

In addition to the threat to human health, smog has a destructive effect on the nature around us. Our animals and plants suffer from this.

2. Car exhaust emissions, especially diesel cars, but not only. We should remember that the older the car we are driving, the exhaust gases are emitted richer in suspended dust, heavy metals and nitrogen oxide. During the use of cars, non-exhaust pollutants are released, e.g. during the loss of brake blocks, discs, tires, especially in large cities, where starting and braking are more frequent due to traffic jams. There are more and more cars in the world that emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Vehicle exhaust emissions

Smog check is a program that has been implemented in California, USA. Vehicles manufactured after 1975 must participate in the smog test at the station every two years. Smog check near me - search star station in your city.

Fortunately, the production of electric cars, which are devoid of exhaust gases during everyday use, has now started. It is also worth using public transport - buses and trains.

3. Emission of pollutants by all industrial plants

Particularly harmful substances in the air:

1. Suspended dust (smaller grains PM 2.5 and larger grains PM 10)
2. Nitrogen dioxide
3. Sulfur dioxide
4. A carcinogenic substance of benzoapiren
5. Heavy metals
6. Benzene

Long-term stay in such polluted air is a threat to life and health. Every year, many people around the world die of diseases caused by air pollution.

Living in smog slowly destroys the human body. Human inhalation of such polluted air contributes to the inflammation of the mucosa. In this way, the work of the respiratory tract is impaired, gas exchange in the lungs is hindered, during which bacteria and viruses enter our body more easily. The reason is a persistent cough, an increase in mucus production. Then, bronchospasm occurs and dyspnea intensifies. The substances in the polluted air are highly allergenic, causing asthma. While staying in polluted air, we can notice increased symptoms of a cold, recovery time may be extended, and various complications may occur many times.

Symptoms for concern about our health are:

• Headaches, nervous system disorders

• Chronic lung disease, lung cancer, asthma

• Ischemic heart disease, including myocardial infarction

• Liver problems

How to protect yourself from dangerous smog?

1. A very good solution is to wear special masks that cover the nose and mouth. Remember, however, that they must be masks with a special filter that protects against contaminated particles larger than 0.3 ยตm (micrometer).

2. Another way out of the situation of being in the air during smog is to avoid leaving the house if there is no such necessity or simply avoid moving along the busiest streets of the city, choose me crowded streets, even though our way to the destination may be longer.

3. Enjoy walking on windy days when the air is cleaner

4. Supplement your diet with the intake of appropriate vitamins in the form of supplements, especially vitamins. C, A, E and selenium.

5. Special purifiers can be used to purify the air in our homes. These devices will remove dust that may have entered from the outside, but also microbes, mold, dust, fungi and mites.

Dirty, polluted air is very dangerous for the societies of many developed countries. Most often, people complain about poor air quality in the autumn and winter period. When going for a walk in this period, we can expect a headache or a scratching throat, coughing. In addition, smog also affects human skin.

In order to be able to enjoy long health and life, we must not only remember the above methods of preventing air pollution, but also change our habits and way of thinking.