Rainfall radar - Will it rain today / tomorrow - Map

Rainfall radar - Chance of rain. Will it rain today, tonight and tomorrow
Current and future rainfall and snowfall in the world. Precipitation radar shows where there is rain or snow anywhere on earth.

Rain Radar

Rain radar

The amount of rainfall is given in millimeters per day. Rain gauges are used to measure rainfall.

Rainfall arises as a result of heating the water and evaporating it into the atmosphere. The water vapor condenses and clouds are formed from which it rains. Such air circulation continues all the time. In one place the water evaporates, and rainfall will occur elsewhere. On the precipitation rainfall, you can see where clouds form and then move along with the wind and air currents.

Rainy weather

We observe rain of varying intensity starting from a drizzle. Then we have fine rain, continuous rain and downpour. The rainfall and tearing of the clouds is often accompanied by a storm.

Rainfall today and tomorrow

Check the current cloudy sky. Watch the sky and see many types of clouds. Check is it going to rain tonight.